Roland MDS-Compact base rack for individual setups

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Roland MDS-Compact base rack for individual setups (without arms and holders)

Having one or more of these base racks allows you to build your own custom rack for a wide range of uses: The perfect base for drummers, e-drummers, DJ's, producers, home studio owners and many others (Customers have also already built their Gaming Rack orRecording Rack on this base.)

With a tube diameter of 38.1mm, this base is compatible with all common rack clamps.

The low weight balance and black finish add stability and visual clarity to the stand.


  • Sturdy and easy to fold
  • Perfectly suitable for the construction of individual drum rack solutions
  • Tube diameter: 38.1 mm

Rack dimensions:

  • Center stands: 76cm
  • Center link: 23cm
  • Outer stands: 60cm
  • Left and right rack arm: 60cm
  • Width (Depending on the angles of the arms): ca. 110cm

Size and Weight:

  • Width: 1200 mm
  • Depth: 700 mm
  • Height: 1200 mm
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