drum-tec absorbants de sons pour les racks de Roland, pack de 4

drum-tec Schallabsorber für Roland Drumracks,
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drum-tec sound absorber: Make your e-drums more quiet!

  • Reduces the impact sound of your e-drum set to a minimum
  • Easy replacement of your drum rack feet: standard feet off, sound absorbers on!
  • The absorbers made of multilayer foam with a special density combination universally fit all drum racks from Roland
  • Scope of delivery: 4 pieces

This is how your drum kit gets more quiet:

Even the most quiet electronic drums still develop background noise, such as impact sound (also: structure-borne sound). These noises can be particularly annoying if you live in a rental apartment and don't want to disturb your neighbors, or if you prefer to practice in the middle of the night when your children are already asleep.
Our sound absorbers are the solution: Simply replace the feet of your drum rack with drum-tec sound absorbers and drastically reduce the impact sound!

What is impact noise/structure-borne sound?

The kinetic energy that you release on e-drum pads, cymbals and drums when playing drums does not only emit as a sound wave from your drum kit or as a signal through your trigger pads or microphones.

Mechanically, it also runs as an impulse through the suspensions of the drums and cymbals and through all the hardware down into the floor where everything is placed. That is what is known as impact or structure-borne sound: this rumbling disturbs your roommates and neighbors!

With sound absorbers you reduce the structure-borne noise to a minimum and eliminate disturbing noises. For better recordings and more relaxed neighbors.

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