drum-tec Improvement Inlay pour ATV xD-K13

drum-tec Improvement Inlay für ATV xD-K13
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drum-tec Improvement Inlay for ATV xD-K13

  • Special foam: We developed the perfect inlay for you to provide sound absorption, playing feel and durability!
  • Soundproofing: Reduce the volume of your bass drum to maximize your level of comfort
  • Improved playing feel: Take your xD-K13 to the next level
  • Easy installation: Quick replacement in 4 easy steps (no special tools required)

How to install your Improvement Inlay:

  1. Loosen the screws (you only need your drum key for this) and remove the ring and the mesh head
  2. Loosen the retaining plate with the slotted screws and remove the complete unit
  3. Remove the old, remaining foam from the panel before applying the new foam
  4. Put the new inlay inside
  5. Place the mesh head and the ring back on your bass drum and tighten the screws


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