Yamaha DTX8K-M Mesh Head Set (black forest) incl. Live Sound Edition

Yamaha DTX8K-M Mesh Head Set (black forest)
Yamaha DTX8K-M Mesh Head Set (black forest)
Yamaha DTX8K-M Mesh Head Set (black forest)
Yamaha DTX8K-M Mesh Head Set (black forest)
Yamaha DTX8K-M Mesh Head Set (black forest)
Yamaha DTX8K-M Mesh Head Set (black forest)
Yamaha DTX8K-M Mesh Head Set (black forest)
Yamaha DTX8K-M Mesh Head Set (black forest)
Yamaha DTX8K-M Mesh Head Set (black forest)
Yamaha DTX8K-M Mesh Head Set (black forest)
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Yamaha DTX8K-M Mesh Head Set (black forest): Authentic sounds, intuitive functionality and a perfect playing feel

The DTX8K-M defines the new upper mid-range of Yamaha electric drums and uses Yamaha's new meshhead pads. The DTX8K-M promises professional sounds, features and looks for drummers of all skill levels and is a great technological step forward. It combines Yamaha's history of premium acoustic drums with the latest in electric drum, sampling and music technology.


  • Exclusivité mondiale, sans frais supplémentaires et uniquement chez drum-tec : Obtenez votre Yamaha DTX avec 30 kits de batterie en plus et uniques en Live Sound Edition !
  • XP125SD-M: 12" 2-zone mesh snare pad
  • PCY155: 3-zone 15" cymbal pad as a ride cymbal with positioning detection
  • Three Kit Modifier knobs for real-time editing of sampled room ambience, compression and other effects
  • Independent compression, tunable 3-band EQ, transient adjustment and effects for each channel
  • 256x polyphony
  • MIDI interface: USB and 5-pin MIDI out
  • USB: Both for computer/tablet/smartphone connection and for loading samples & data
  • Internal effects: Compression, transient adjustment and EQ on each channel, plus 2x send effects, plus master effects
  • Aux input: 3.5 mm
  • Built-in metronome & training functions
  • Recording function: 90 minutes on USB stick Digital output: USB audio to device or direct recording to USB stick

15 kits de batterie exclusifs - la drum-tec Live Sound Edition pour votre Yamaha DTX

Avec la Live Sound Edition, nous vous apportons le meilleur d'un module de sons. Cette édition se compose de kits et de sons de batterie complets et directement accessibles. Parfaitement mis au point dans nos studios d'ingénierie, ces sons de batterie éclatants sont optimisés pour le live. Cependant, ils sont également remarquables lors des sessions d'enregistrement.

30 fois le son maximum sortant de votre module

A partir des sons individuels et des samples du module, nous chatouillons le maximum de son, d'ambiance et d'atmosphère. À partir de cela, nous avons mis au point 30 kits complets prêts à jouer qui sont instantanément disponibles pour vous de jouer.

Exclusif et sans supplément de prix - uniquement chez drum-tec

Vous ne pouvez obtenir la Live Sound Editionque chez drum-tec et uniquement en combinaison avec l'achat d'un nouveau module E-Drum. Elle n'est disponible nulle part ailleurs et n'est pas non plus disponible individuellement. Et : Vous obtenez votre Live Sound Edition SANS COÛT SUPPLÉMENTAIRE pour votre module. Ceci n'est offert que chez batterie-tec.

Content of the Yamaha DTX8K-M Mesh Head Set (black forest):

  • DTX-PRO Drum Trigger Module (x1)
  • USB-Stick avec drum-tec Live Sound Edition (x1)
  • XP125SD-M 12" Mesh Snare Pad (x1)
  • XP105-M 10" Mesh Tom Pad (x3)
  • PCY135 13" Cymbal Pad (x2)
  • PCY155 15" Cymbal Pad (x1)
  • RHH135 hi-hat pad on Yamaha hi-hat machine (x1)
  • KP90 kick pad (x1)
  • RS8 rack system
  • Power supply, module holder, user manual

Yamaha DTX-PRO sound module: Real sounds that drive the drummer

No compromise has been made in recording the sound of the instruments themselves. The DTX PRO sounds have been fine-tuned to naturally follow the drummer's performance and allow for maximum expression.

The acoustic drum sounds built into the DTX-PRO are all real sounds recorded in some of the best recording studios in the world. As well as recording the direct drum sounds, the unique natural room ambience of the studios where they were recorded was also sampled.

Performances by leading Yamaha drums artists were recorded and mixed by a team of recording engineers to give the final instrument samples. The project sound director, an electronic musical instrument development professional, specified exacting recording techniques to capture the full detailed sound of each drum and cymbal, from the initial attack, until the very end of the natural sound.

The drum pads, the drummer's interface with their instrument, have been carefully matched to the DTX-PRO Module to offer excellent expressive capabilities.

Intuitive functionality that stirs creativity

The Kit Modifier featured on the DTX-PRO offers drummers limitless possibilities for their creativity.

The KIT MODIFIERs condense the sound creation know-how that Yamaha has accumulated over decades into three knobs: AMBIENCE, COMPRESSION, and EFFECT. A wide range of tonal possibilities are available thanks to Yamaha engineers -- from the natural sound of acoustic drums, through to live performance sounds, to heavily effected sounds.

The AMBIENCE knob controls the natural ambience and reverb of the drum kit sound. On acoustic drum sounds, the AMBIENCE MODIFIER controls the real recorded natural ambience from 0-50%. When turned up higher than 50%, high quality digital reverb is also introduced to the sound.

The COMP and EFFECT knobs utilize the "1-knob" control technology featured in many Yamaha PA products. The COMP adds one-knob compression to the whole kit mix, from subtle to very obvious, while EFFECT controls the mix of the internal effects processors. The processors are fully adjustable and have a long list of available effects to choose from

Same tone generator as the flagship series

The DTX-PRO sound module of the DTX8 series has the exact same sound engine that is found on the flagship DTX-PROX module. Each module is capable of stunning sound quality. Choosing the correct trigger setting* to suit the pads being used will allow you to enjoy the sounds to the max.

*The configuration screen is displayed upon initial startup.

Everything a drummer needs

The DTX-PRO module comes fully equipped to communicate with other technology and the outside world. The USB can send and receive MIDI data, and also send and receive audio data when connected directly to a computer or smart device. The unit also comes with a MIDI OUT socket, allowing you to send MIDI data to connected devices. Up to 14 pads or drum triggers can be connected to the trigger inputs of the module, making it simple to create a hybrid setup with a mix of acoustic and electronic drums.

Professional grade headphone amp

Yamaha realize that it is incredibly important that drummers can hear themselves clearly, so the DTX-PRO module comes equipped with a high precision, low distortion, low noise, and high-power headphone amplifier. This circuitry delivers high-fidelity sound directly to the player, has been developed exclusively for electronic drums, and it envelops the player in a realistic drumming sound stage.

An extensive range of training functions to support drummers

The best practice functions featured in previous DTX models are also found in the DTX-PRO. As well as the sophisticated programmable metronome, the module offers a comprehensive recorder function, 10 training functions that are ideal for players of all standards, as well as 37 training songs that allow you to learn various genres. Beginners and professionals alike will find the DTX8 training functions a useful aid for daily practice.

Textured Cellular Silicone (TCS) Heads or Mesh Heads by Remo

The DTX8 series lets drummers choose between two head materials according to their personal preference, for optimum response when playing.

Yamaha TCS (Textured Cellular Silicone) heads feature a unique internal structure that provides a realistic response with realistic hardness and rebound, as well as a treated surface that prevents stick sliding. The result is a natural drum feel that encourages you to keep playing.

The snare and toms boast a feel very close to their respective acoustic counterparts. Their surfaces will never loosen, no matter how many times they are hit, maintaining the best possible feel at all times. The snare pad also comes equipped with a hit point detection function, further enhancing your ability to express yourself musically.

The mesh pads use two-ply heads made by Remo. They boast outstanding noise reduction, durability, and feel when hit, as well as a great rebound, making them superbly comfortable to play. The heads can be tuned to suit your personal preferences. The snare pad is equipped with three sensors that precisely respond to delicate stick work.

A kick that just makes you want to play more

The KP90 Kick Pad features Yamaha's unique multi-layer cushion structure that offers the perfect feel with unparalleled comfort, regardless of the strength of the stroke. The 7.5-inch pad is also suitable for use with double bass drum pedals and has a wide stance with large anti-slip spurs, and carpet grabbing mechanism, ensuring a stable playing surface that stays in place.

Reproduces delicate cymbal work

All cymbal pads feature 3-zones, meaning they all produce different sounds at the edge, bow, and cup, as well as choke and mute functionality. The ride cymbal comes equipped with a hit point detection function.

The series reproduces the drummer's delicate cymbal work with the long, high-definition samples installed on the DTX-PRO series.

Increased freedom of setup

The RS8 rack system uses Yamaha acoustic drum hardware for the tom clamps and cymbal holders that allow for sturdy, highly flexible setups. The left part of the rack is designed so that the hi-hat stand and double foot pedal can be set without obstruction, while the acoustic-look L-shaped legs further improve stability and robustness.

Configuration: 2 up - 1 down
Acoustic Design: no
Module de sons: DTX-PRO
Finish: Black Forest
Série: DTX8
Farbe: Schwarz

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