Roland / ATV Full Sized Set mit TD-17

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Roland / ATV drum-tec Edition EXS-Full Sized Set with Roland TD-17

  • Great set in acoustic sizes
  • Roland TD-17 sound module with the technology of the flagship TD-50
  • incl. drum-tec Roland TD-17 Live Sound Edition
  • The ATV EXS series is the second generation of electronic drums from the Japanese manufacturer ATV, founded by Roland founder Kakehashi.
  • full-size e-drum set - easy to transport

Our present for you: Exclusive Custom-Kits & Samples!

What is the drum-tec Live Sound Edition?
With every new TD-17 module we give away our Live Sound Edition and the Snare Sample Add-on Package - free of charge.
This includes 11 first-class custom kits that we programmed specifically for the stage. We truly leveraged everything the TD-17 has to offer to get the best kits possible! We even added 9 mega rich acoustic snare samples that we produced directly for the Live Sound Edition.

Exclusive: Only for drum-tec customers!
The Live Sound Edition is not sold separately! It is an exclusive gift to our drum-tec customers. This Sound Edition is the product of dedicated work and professional experience, that we as a specialist like to share with our customers.
You will receive the Live Sound Edition on a SD card that we automatically add to your order at no further cost.

Content of the ATV EXS- full size e-drum-set without module

  • Roland TD-17 sound module
  • Roland trigger multicore cable
  • ATV 13" Snare Drum Mesh Pad
  • ATV 13" Bass Drum Mesh Kick
  • ATV 10" Tom Mesh Pad x2
  • ATV 13" Tom Mesh Pad x1
  • Roland VH-10 Hi-Hat
  • ATV 14" Crash Cymbal x2
  • ATV 16" Ride Cymbal
  • ATV E-Drum Rack System

* Kick drum pedal , Hi Hat pedal and drum throne are not included.

Overwiew on the ATV EXS setup

More freedom of motion for cymbals

The cymbals can be played and choked anywhere around their full circumference, eliminating the need for rotation stoppers that inhibit natural cymbal motion. Simply place the cymbal on the stand and see how the newly designed pivot allows it to swing naturally in all directions. The innovative design replicates other natural details as well, such as how the whole cymbal flexes and wobbles when its thin tapered edge is struck. The silicone playing surface not only feels great, but also provides excellent silencing characteristics. All these design details work together to create a playing experience similar to that of an acoustic cymbal.

Mesh Heads - Newly developed sensors & two-layer drum heads

Our drums utilize a durable and sensitive two-layer mesh head. No matter the playing style, the wide dynamic range of your EXS series drums will fill you with confidence.The EXS series is capable of capturing the full dynamic range of your performance from ghost notes to powerful rim shots, accurately translating your playing into an expressive natural sounding performance. This consistency is possible because of a new, patented, multi-sensor design for the snare drum and toms that completely eliminates the problem of hotspots.

Your E-Drum Kick - A kick that supports the groove

The ideal kick drum combines sensitivity to ensure fast, precise triggering, with stability that gives a natural feeling of feedback. Our 13" and 10" mesh head kick pad designs achieve a great balance of damping and sensitivity. This ensures a rock-solid, fast-triggering kick that will anchor your groove. If you were using a double pedal, the stability and sensitivity of the kick drum will allow you to flawlessly play fast patterns. With the EXS series kick drum, you'll never miss a beat!

Roland VH-10 Stand-mount Electronic Hi-hat w/ Clutch

Looking for an electronic hi-hat that responds more like a real hi-hat? The Roland V-Drums VH-10 promises competitive performance with electronic convenience. Mount this hi-hat pad to your favorite hi-hat stand using the included clutch and trigger base, and the VH-10 rewards you with realistic pumps, splashes, and closed-to-open action. Its dual-trigger system is able to capture the nuance in your performance that many others miss. And its textured playing surface reduces acoustic volume to keep practice and performances quiet. If you're in the market for a better-playing electronic hi-hat, don't miss the Roland V-Drums VH-10

Ideal for Perfecting Hi-Hat Techniques with your electric drum set:

The VH-10 V-Hi-Hat uses a single-cymbal floating design that can be mounted and played on a traditional acoustic hi-hat stand. It provides the same playing feel as an acoustic hi-hat with natural rebound feel and swinging motion of the hi-hat cymbal. The depth at which you advance the pedal of the hi-hat stand smoothly varies the tonal character from open to closed, and you can also use hi-hat techniques such as half-closed playing and foot-splash. The VH-10 allows you to express the tonal change that occurs when you strike the hi-hat in the closed state before immediately opening it. You can even differentiate between strikes on the bow and edge of the cymbal, too.

  • Replicates the natural swinging motion of an authentic hi-hat cymbal
  • Light-weight cymbal, perfect for foot splash techniques and quick pedal control
  • Differentiate between strikes on the bow and edge
  • Striking surface uses rubber for silencing
  • Can be mounted on a traditional acoustic hi-hat stand

Technical details of the Roland VH-10:

  • Size 12 inches
  • Triggers 2 (Bow, Edge)
  • Connectors TRIGGER OUTPUT jack + CONTROL OUTPUT jack
  • Acceptable rod diameters 6.0-7.0 mm (1/4-5/16 inches) (Rod bushes: Max. 11.7 mm (1/2 inches))
  • Size and Weight (Hi-hat)
  • Width 314 mm 12-3/8 inches
  • Depth 314 mm 12-3/8 inches
  • Height 103 mm 4-1/16 inches
  • Weight 1.2 kg 2 lbs 11 oz
  • Size and Weight (Motion sensor unit)
  • Width 77 mm 3-1/16 inches
  • Depth 74 mm 2-15/16 inches
  • Height 71 mm 2-13/16 inches
  • Weight 0.2kg 8 oz

Main Features of the Roland TD-17:

  • Expressive and dynamic sound inherited from Prismatic Sound modeling technology of the TD-50
  • High-speed response with wider dynamic range, high-resolution of tonal changes
  • Authentic hi-hat sound with smooth open-to-closed pedal control, and bow/edge tonal detection
  • Open and closed rim-shots detected for authentic snare technique
  • Bluetooth audio for wirelessly streaming audio from your smartphone to the TD-17 module
  • Coach functions support your daily exercise and warm-up routines
  • Playback audio files from SD card
  • Preset drum kits cover a wide range of music genres, with further sound customization possible
  • Ambience control and variation, to emulate venues from small stages to large halls
  • Import user samples, assign them to any pad and layer them with internal sounds for deeper customization and creating individual drum sounds
  • Compatible with "Melodics for V-Drums" to improve your sense of time
  • 2-trigger inputs for additional pads or pedals
  • USB port for connecting to your computer for music production
Acoustic Design: no
Couleur: Noir
Finish: Black
Configuration: 2 up - 1 down
Module de sons: TD-17

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30 déc. 2021

Great and awsome set but...

this combination met my expectations and it is a better alternative than the included ATV module (for Me). td17 has much more setting options and also the function to import your own samples. the sizes of the pads are perfect compared to rolands in the same price range. feels at least as durable as roland. (I've had rolands since the td6 came out)

pros and cons then?
pros: sizes, cymbals, feel (see also cons about the kick), td17 module, vh11 hihat, easy to bring to the gig. triggers really well (when you set the pad settings to the list they send from drum tec), the rack.

cons: kick is very bouncy. It takes a while to set pad settings (be sure to ask to include the settings list for atv-roland, I had to ask for it after delivery. But customer service sent one immediately). it is not possible to get a swell on the cymbals unfortunately.

once you have solved the small problems, you have a really good drum kit in this price range! a td17 with right sizes and the cymbals are absolutely wonderful!

17 nov. 2020

Perfekte Auswahl

Ich habe nach ausführlicher Beratung ein Set aus ATV EXS-5, inkl. Roland TD27 mit Upgrade Pack ausgewählt. Das sieht nicht nur großartig aus, sondern klingt auch fantastisch. Obwohl Snare und Ride von Roland nochmal ein bis zwei Sticklängen über den Pads und Cymbals von ATV liegen (Anspiel, Dynamik, Authentizität) - das Kit in dieser Zusammenstellung dürfte es so nur bei drum-tec geben. Ich finde: ein Hammerpaket mit viel Hi-End für einen Preis, der mich noch atmen lässt!

26 août 2020

Excellent kit

Absolutely fantastic drum kit! Cymbals, snare, kick, tom.... Great size, great playability, cymbals are fantastic even bit noisy, but overral flawless.... Plus live sound edition, fast delivery.... I ve just missed manual for assembly, but very easy to find and download on an internet

9 juin 2020

Full sized drum practice !!!!!

This kit is exactly what I needed, I'm a 6’3” guy that likes his space. Just the rack dimension made great sense to me. Great bundle great price.

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