Roland TD-17KVX drum-tec Edition BIG PAD avec Live Sound Edition

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Roland TD-17KVX drum-tec Edition BIG PAD - enjoy playing bigger pads!

Our optimized alternative to the Roland TD-17KVX with three big 10" tom pads (PDX-100)

For drummers that enjoy playing bigger pads!

With this drum-tec Edition you get:

  • Three large and sturdy Roland PDX-100 tom mesh head pads
  • authentic pad measurements for a natural playing feel
  • A finish that looks great and professional at home or on stage
  • Solid and universally usable quality

incl. Live Sound Edition and the Snare Sample Add-on Package for the Roland TD-17 module

  • Really packs a punch: Alongside the 12" mesh head snare are the 10" mesh head toms,
  • two great crash cymbals and a 3-zone ride.
  • This is topped of with the VH-10 hihat with authentic sensor

Components of the Roland TD-17KVX drum-tec Edition BIG PAD

  • Roland TD-17 sound module
  • SD-Card with drum-tec Live Sound Edition
  • 1x PDX-12 V-Pad (Snare)
  • 3x PDX-100 V-Pad (Toms)
  • 2x CY-12C V-Cymbal Crash
  • 1x CY-13R V-Cymbal Ride
  • 1x VH-10 Hi-Hat Pad
  • 1x KD-10 Kick Pad
  • 1x MDS-compact drum-rack
  • *without Bass Drum Pedal and without hi-hat machine

Our present for you: Exclusive Custom-Kits & Samples!

What is the drum-tec Live Sound Edition?
With every new TD-17 module we give away our Live Sound Edition and the Snare Sample Add-on Package - free of charge.
This includes 11 first-class custom kits that we programmed specifically for the stage. We truly leveraged everything the TD-17 has to offer to get the best kits possible! We even added 9 mega rich acoustic snare samples that we produced directly for the Live Sound Edition.

Exclusive: Only for drum-tec customers!
The Live Sound Edition is not sold separately! It is an exclusive gift to our drum-tec customers. This Sound Edition is the product of dedicated work and professional experience, that we as a specialist like to share with our customers.
You will receive the Live Sound Edition on a SD card that we automatically add to your order at no further cost.

Your custom Roland TD-17 configuration:

  • You would like to have an additional cymbal, a tom pad less, a bigger bass drum, another ride or a better snare drum?
  • At drum-tec you can customize your kit!
  • Please get in touch and ask about your dream configuration.
  • Note quite sure yet? Use our e-drum kit finder and we'll help you figure out what you need!

Quick overview of the Roland TD-17 V-Drums series:

  • The TD-17 entry level e-drums are succeeding the mega-popular Roland TD-11 drums. And especially the sound module brings the major changes:
  • The new TD-17 drum module is based on the sound engine from the Roland TD-50 flagship.
  • It integrates brilliant and lively acoustic drum sounds with helpful practice options. TD-17 drummers are even able to use samples to enrich their sound quality.
  • A clear and intuitive user interface with bluetooth and USB support that is paired with a stunning sound engine.
  • Our verdict: The value for value ratio is off the charts, you absolutely have to check out the TD-17!

There are three different Roland TD-17 e-drum sets, that are mostly different in terms of the pads:

  • All three Roland TD-17 sets come with the new TD-17 drum sound module, only the TD-17KL lacks the bluetooth option.
  • All three TD-17 versions feature the new KD-10 kick drum with full double bass support.
  • All three TD-17 electric drums come with the Roland MDS-compact drum rack, but without a bass drum pedal and seat.
  • The least expensive entry level e-drum set is the TD-17KL: It has an 8" mesh head snare and has everything a beginner needs. The set is easily upgraded and extended.
  • The TD-17KV is already fully equipped with mesh heads on both the 12" snare and the toms.
  • The Roland TD-17KVX is the luxury-version from the TD-17 series and really packs a punch: Alongside the 12" mesh head snare are mesh head toms, two great crash cymbals and a 3-zone ride. This is topped of with the new VH-10 hihat with authentic sensor. The TD-17KVX even has a bigger rack to support all of the components.

Main Features of the Roland TD-17:

  • Expressive and dynamic sound inherited from Prismatic Sound modeling technology of the TD-50
  • High-speed response with wider dynamic range, high-resolution of tonal changes
  • Authentic hi-hat sound with smooth open-to-closed pedal control, and bow/edge tonal detection
  • Open and closed rim-shots detected for authentic snare technique
  • Bluetooth audio for wirelessly streaming audio from your smartphone to the TD-17 module
  • Coach functions support your daily exercise and warm-up routines
  • Playback audio files from SD card
  • Preset drum kits cover a wide range of music genres, with further sound customization possible
  • Ambience control and variation, to emulate venues from small stages to large halls
  • Import user samples, assign them to any pad and layer them with internal sounds for deeper customization and creating individual drum sounds
  • Compatible with "Melodics for V-Drums" to improve your sense of time
  • 1-trigger inputs for additional pads or pedals
  • USB port for connecting to your computer for music production

Long overview to the TD-17 series:

  • The Roland TD-17 series is the latest addition to the acclaimed V-Drums lineup. Combining flagship-level sound with newly developed pads, the TD-17KVX, TD-17KV, and TD-17K-L kits deliver an experience that's authentically close to playing acoustic drums, accurately mirroring the physical movement, stick coordination, and hand/foot control that every drummer needs. They also include integrated access to an array of motivational coaching functions, plus built-in Bluetooth for playing along with songs and video lesson content streamed wirelessly from a smartphone. For home-based players who are serious about taking their drumming to the next level, there's no better choice than a TD-17 series kit.
  • When using a TD-17 series instrument, drummers can play with the same techniques they'd use on acoustic drums, freely and without compromise. At the heart of each kit is the new TD-17 sound module, which provides a superior drumming experience with advanced Prismatic Sound Modeling inherited from Roland's top-of-the-line TD-50. Its sounds faithfully reproduce the character and tone of acoustic drums, with lightning-fast response time, wide dynamic range, and natural tonal changes that vary depending on where and how hard the pads are played.
  • The TD-17KVX and TD-17KV kits come with the new PDX-12 snare pad, which features a dual mesh head and large 12-inch playing surface that supports the development of stick control and proper playing techniques. The head tension can be adjusted for satisfying natural rebound, while the height of the snare hoop enables the player to hit open rim shots with a natural stick angle.
  • The TD-17KVX also includes the new VH-10 V-Hi-Hat, which mounts on an acoustic hi-hat stand and replicates the natural feel and swinging motion of a real hi-hat cymbal. Offering advanced triggering with continuous open/close detection and bow/edge sounds, the VH-10 allows users to execute traditional playing techniques to perfection.
  • All three kits in the TD-17 series include the new KD-10 kick pad, which combines rock-solid feel with a noise-reducing design that offers quiet operation while playing at home. The KD-10 can be used with any standard kick pedal, and supports dual pedals as well.
  • The TD-17 module includes 50 ready-to-play kits suitable for any music style, plus a wide range of easy-to-use training functions that encourage skill development and make practice fun and productive. Players can improve their time with various Coach Mode exercises, use the warm-up menu to work through a daily exercise routine, and capture progress with the onboard recorder. And by pairing their smartphone via Bluetooth, they can wirelessly stream audio from songs and video lesson content through the module and play along. The TD-17 also integrates with Melodics for V-Drums, a Windows/Mac software application that offers a growing selection of free drum lessons to develop rhythm, timing, and muscle memory.

Custom Kits & Samples of the free drum-tec TD-17 Live Sound Edition:


1. Yamaha Recording
2. Pearl Masters
3. Tama Starclassic
4. Sakae Pac D
5. Slingerland
6. Ludwig Vista
7. Premier Maple
8. Sonor Phonic
9. Sonor Designer
10. Sonor Jungle
11. DW Collectors

Snare Sample Add-on Package:

12. DW Maple Snare
13. Gretsch Mark Schulman Snare
14. Sonor Designer Snare
15. Sonor Rosewood Snare
16. Tama Starphonic (Bubinga) Snare
17. Tama Starclassic Maple Snare
18. drum-tec Steel Snare
19. Yamaha Steve Gadd Snare
20. Tama John Blackwell Snare

Acoustic Design: no
Couleur: Noir
Finish: Black
Configuration: 2 up - 1 down
Module de sons: TD-17
Série: V-Drums

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