drum-tec diabolo 18" Short Kick

drum-tec diabolo 18" Short Kick: Real Feel
drum-tec diabolo 18" Short Kick: Real Feel
drum-tec diabolo 18" Short Kick: Real Feel
drum-tec diabolo 18" Short Kick: Real Feel
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drum-tec diabolo 18" Short Kick: The Real Feel Bass Drum System made compact!

  • Uncompromising: This kick is incredibly compact and still a real bass drum!
  • Awesome feeling: The Real Feel trigger system transforms the Short Kick into a precision instrument, which reliably transmits every nuance of your playing to the drum module.
  • Quiet and hassle-free: The internal damping system reduces impact sound and noise pollution to a minimum. This ensures relaxed and trouble-free practicing. (For your neighbors, too, by the way!)
  • Solidly built: The Short Kick is not just stunning in the living room! The perfect symbiosis of nature and technology makes it both eye-catching and loyal partner that won't let you down, even on stage.
  • Made in Germany! We carefully manufacture by hand - you can meet our instrument makers

E-Drums, Made in Germany: How the high-quality diabolo Short Kick is made!

The diabolo Short Kick is not a mass product from some factory. Our e-drums are handmade in our workshop in Hessisch Oldendorf, Germany.
(After completion your floor tom will be signed on the inside by our instrument maker).

Special care is required for natural products: Because the birch wood shells are working, the trigger system of your floor tom will be perfectly matched to your shell by our instrument maker. This careful process ensures that your diabolo Short Kick can reliably master all challenges together with you for many years.

We have been building high-end e-drums since 2006 and know from experience which materials are particularly durable and how a professional trigger system has to be configurated. With the diabolo Short Kick false triggers, double triggers and dropouts are a matter of the past!

Your dynamics are reflected by the trigger system, true to your playing. Even your most virtousic patterns are triggered with ease!

Real Feel made tiny: The compact diabolo Short Kick is compatible with many drum racks!

Take your electronic drum set to a new level: The diabolo Short Kick features the unparalleled Real Feel Bass Drum System from the drum-tec pro series. This does not only make the diabolo Short Kick feel authentic, it is also much more quiet than other electronic bass drums and therefore perfect for practicing at home.

With its 18" diameter, the diabolo Short Kick fits under most typical (e-) drum racks. Even with a ground clearance of 49cm, the bass drum can be comfortably integrated without the center cross-bar of your rack coming into contact with the bass drum.

You are not sure if the bass drum fits into your e-drum set? Below you will find all dimensions, even in assembled state.

Perfect triggering results: Finally, no more false triggers or dropouts. The diabolo Short Kick is relentlessly honest!

Tired of playing around your trigger system because of double triggers and dropouts? Those days are gone: the Real Feel Bass Drum System faithfully relays every impact to your module. You can always be sure that you hear exactly what your feet are doing.

And not only that: the fabulous feedback of the trigger system makes the diabolo Short Kick incredibly dynamic to play. But watch out: It's addictive!

Two-ply mesh head: The real feel bass drum system is designed for our design mesh heads!

Wait, what? real feel bass drums are not equipped with Real Feel mesh heads? That's right! Many e-bass drums from other manufacturers can be significantly upgraded with our 3-ply real feel mesh heads. However, our high-end trigger system only requires 2-ply mesh heads!

With the diabolo Short Kick, the Real Feel effect is already built in. Our trigger system itself already feels incredibly authentic. A 3-ply mesh head does not add any further improvement. In fact, the third layer would just be unnecessary resonating ballast.

Instead, we use our 2-ply design mesh heads. Since we have reduced the layers to a minimum, there are no double triggers due to free-swinging mesh head layers.

Durable & Versatile: This bass drum does it all!

You want to play a special beater, but have heard discouraging stories of tearing mesh heads? The Real Feel Trigger System already protects your Mesh Head from wear and tear. Combined with the pre-mounted Protection Dot, the already durable design mesh head becomes pretty much indestructible.

Maintenance-free: The damping cushion of the trigger system not only supports the superior feel. Due to its special composition, it does not become porous and does not need to be replaced.

Can I connect the diabolo Short Kick to my sound module?

The diabolo Short Kick is compatible with all e-drum modules! If your module has a single input for bass drum triggers, then you can take full advantage of the diabolo Short Kick.

It doesn't matter if you prefer Roland, ATV, Pearl, Yamaha, Alesis, 2box, ... or other sound modules, using the diabolo Short Kick is as easy as can be: plug it in and have fun!

Scope of delivery:

  • drum-tec diabolo 18"x06" Short Kick (red sparkle)
  • incl. drum-tec design Mesh Head (mounted)
  • incl. Protection Dot (mounted)
  • without cable

Dimensions (set up)

  • Weight: 7,7 kg
  • Height: 51 cm
  • Depth: 22 cm
  • Width: 66 cm
Diamètre en pouces: 18
Profondeur en pouces: 6
Acoustic Design: Oui
Trigger zones: Single Zone
Finish: Purple Sparkle
Série: diabolo

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27 janv. 2024

Quiet and feel awsome.

I prefer the diabolo 18 to my Roland KD-200-MS

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