ATV aFrame New Kind of Electro Percussion

1799 €

T.V.A. inclu, port en sus
(4.36 kg Poids d'expédition)

Délai de livraison 1-2 jours

ATV aFrame - a new kind of percussion performance

ATV Electrorganic aFrame, a electronic frame drum percussion instrument with a body made of Bamboo wood.

  • The drum head is made of polycarbonate.
  • Due to may different sensores Adaptive Timbre Technology recognizes hits, pressure as well as friction on the drum head and the wood frame
  • It comes with an integrated Digital Sound Processor with 80 different instruments and 80 effects
  • Stereo 1/4" jack headphone output, mono 1/4" jack outputs (L/R) to connect speakers or mixer
  • DC plug for included power supply
  • micro USB port supports power banks for mobile use
  • microSD slot for backups
  • The measures: 380x380x44mm (HxWxD), weight: 1,6kg
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