ATV aDrums - artist series Standard Set

ATV aDrums - artist series Standard Set
ATV aDrums - artist series Standard Set
ATV aDrums - artist series Standard Set

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Ce produit a été abandonné et n'est plus fourni par le fabricant. Comme alternative à ATV aDrums - artist series Standard Set nous recommandons :

drum-tec diabolo 3 avec Roland TD-27 - Stands 5.199,00 €

ATV aDrums - artist series Standard Set

What is the philosophy of the ATV aDrums Electronic Drums?

"When played gently, the drum is smooth and round. When you hit it hard, the drum has a commanding impact. Be inspired every time you practice, play, and perform. This is how you connect with your instrument. You desire more - raw power and emotion stir within you. These are the kind of instruments ATV creates for you."

The aDrums are electronic drums based on the concepts of Authentic, Acoustic and Artware. The goal of ATV is to unify the setup, size and feel to give you as a drummer a great playing experience.

Content of the ATV aDrums - artist series Standard Set:

  • Drum Sound Module aD5 x1
  • Kick Drum 18" x 12" aD-K18 x1
  • Snare Drum 13" x 5.5" aD-S13 x1
  • Tom 10" x 6.5" aD-T10 x1
  • Floor Tom 13" x 12" aD-T13 x1
  • Hi-Hat 14" aD-H14 x1
  • Cymbal 16" for Crash aD-C16 x1
  • Cymbal 18" for Ride aD-C18 x1
  • Snare Stand ADA-SS x1
  • Tom/Cymbal Stand ADA-TCS x1
  • Cymbal Stand ADA-CS x1
  • Multi Purpose Clamp ACC-MPC x1
  • Multicore Cable x1

Pedal and hi-hat stand not included

ATV aDrums - Dynamics that are comparable to acoustic drums

Previous electronic drums had hotspots that caused abnormally loud sound to be produced when the center of the head was struck, meaning that the sound module had to narrow the width of the dynamics to make these hotspots less obtrusive. The aDrums uses multiple sensors for the drums and cymbals, thereby providing a consistent sensitivity for the striking surface, and making it possible for you to express the full range that you intend, from pianissimo to fortissimo. The player's personality is fully expressed by grooves that are born from freely controlling a wide range of dynamics as on acoustic drums.

Side stick whenever you like

We made it easier to play side stick. The side rim features a beautiful contrast between the natural wood and the lacquer paint, and uses the maple material that's ideal for our newly developed frequency-specific detection technology. The strike feel of wood and the side stick sound are perfectly matched to ensure great playability. Rim shot and side stick can be played separately without having to use a side stick button to switch between them as on previous systems, giving you much more freedom in your performance.

Detecting detailed pedalwork

Within a drum performance, the hi-hat is being controlled with the greatest detail. Most previous electronic hi-hats used contact-type sensors, which had limited detection precision and tracking ability. The hi-hat of the aDrums uses a non-contact sensor that allows high-precision sensing with no delay even when the pedal is opened and closed rapidly. The hi-hat control algorithm of the aD5 has been optimized for this new sensor, delivering even greater expressive power and accuracy.

More freedom for the cymbals

A newly designed pivot allows natural sway in all directions. Cymbals that can be played around their entire circumference do not require troublesome components such as a rotation stopper; simply place it on the cymbal stand just like an acoustic cymbal. ATV has also paid careful attention to the way in which the entire cymbal bends when the edge is struck, as well as to the thickness of the edge; this lets us approach the playing feel of a bronze cymbal in spite of using a silicone rubber surface for its excellent properties of silence.

The kick drum supports the groove

As the foundation of your performance, the kick drum requires stability and high-speed triggering. With a unique buffer structure that both dampens and senses the beater's strike, we achieve a solid feel and high-speed triggering.
The 18" shell and large spars deliver a feel of stability and assurance that let you mark the beat with confidence. Even for hard strikes using double pedal, you'll enjoy stable sensing and playability.

The ATV aD5 sound module as the heart of aDrums

The ATV aD5 sound module brings an innovative and groundbreaking concept to the e-drum world. A whole new world of e-drumming awaits you! ATV calls this new philosophy "Artware". With this, the Japanese manufacturer means the pure joy of playing! This new generation of sound modules reproduces the sound of a drum in full authenticity and in complete range with all facets. From the soft gentle tones of pianissimo to the intense emotional tones of fortissimo, meticulous and dynamic, just the way a drum kit sounds!

The sounds of the ATV aD5

The drum sounds are reproduced with the latest technology, in the highest sample rate as you know it otherwise only from the PC and VST based systems. You can expect a small but excellent selection of acoustic drum sets from the areas of jazz, rock and pop. Acoustic snares, natural bass drums, long swinging toms, brilliant and lively cymbals - all styles are served here!

ATV Open Drum Sound Library for the aD5

ATV offers a constantly growing selection of high-quality drum sets for free download in their online Open Drum Library. Furthermore, the cooperation with a leading VST drum library is planned, so that the decision for ATV aD5 drum module really means "one step beyond": A step into a new world of drum sounds Open Library.

Acoustic Design: oui
Finish: Black
Configuration: 1 up - 1 down
Module de sons: aD5
Série: aDrums Artist
Farbe: Schwarz

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