ATV aDrums artist Cymbal Set Standard (14" Hi-Hat, 16" Crash, 18" Ride)

ATV aDrums artist Cymbal Set Standard
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ATV aDrums - Cymbal Set Standard

With this completely newly developed artist E-Cymbal series, the Japanese e-drum manufacturer ATV presents a real "game changer" in the world of electronic drum cymbals.

  • Fully compatible with all E-Drum modules by ATV, Roland*, Alesis, Pearl
  • Authentic sizes and a balanced weight
  • full 360 degree playing surface
  • Extremely high trigger dynamic range
  • Very high quality made of robust black silicone
  • New optical hi-hat sensor, which works contactless and therefore enables highest precision
  • All cymbals of the artist series from 10" to 18" have two trigger inputs: CUP / EDGE
  • => Thus all cymbals offer 3 trigger zones - this is revolutionary!
  • Choke capable (stop function)

*The hi-hat is not compatible with the Roland TD-07 and TD-17 sound module

Freedom for your new electronic cymbals!

  • The ATV aDrum artist cymbals have a newly designed pivot point
  • This enables the 10" to 18" aDrum cymbals to vibrate naturally in all directions.
  • All artist cymbals from 10" to 18" have 3 trigger zones and are fully choke capable.
  • The aCymbals can be played 360 degrees in the entire circumference and therefore do not need rotation stoppers anymore.
  • They are simply mounted on the cymbal stand like an acoustic cymbal.
  • In addition, attention has been paid to how the whole cymbal bends when the edge is beaten = > PUR authenticity!
  • A new edge construction / cymbal edge has been developed that gives the drummer the feel of a real big bronze cymbal, despite the use of a silicone rubber surface.
  • The new ATV Cymbls are also quiet like hardly any other E-Drum cymbal.

Scope of delivery of the ATV aDrum artist cymbal set standard:

  • 14" Hi-Hat with non-contact optical sensor
  • 16" Crash / Ride Cymbal with 2 zones
  • 18" Crash/Ride Cymbal with 3 zones

(No accessories, cables etc. included!)

Farbe: Schwarz

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