Advanced Tech Modern Drummer Jim Chapin ISBN 978-0757995408

Advanced Tech Modern Drummer Jim Chapin
Advanced Tech Modern Drummer Jim Chapin
Advanced Tech Modern Drummer Jim Chapin
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Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer

Coordinated independence as applied to Jazz and Be-Bop. The original book that revolutionized drumming, from one of the undisputed jazz drumming legends Jim Chapin, the man who defined the art of modern drumming independence and took it to new levels. The book contains exercises and solos of varying levels of difficulty that are a test for even the most accomplished drummers. Now available with two CDs of demonstration tracks by Chapin himself.

  • This classic Jazz-Independence book has been completely revised and comes with 2 CDs.
  • Jim Chapin, known as Father of Jazz Independence, has written one of the most popular drum books with it.
  • Both beginners and advanced drumset learn the necessary independence and coordination.
  • Embroidery technique, strength, stamina and speed
  • In English language
Langue: Englisch

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